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Structured Cabling
In high traffic Networks, infrastructure is very essential and very basic. The stronger your basic structure, the more stable your network will be. We provide plans & solutions for building networks infrastructure using normal cables & fiber optic cables combined with high performance switching systems. Using a combination of technologies, we make structured cabling as easy and strong as a small network. Our partnership with superior modular makes us proud to provide you the performance you deserve

Wireless Solutions
A wireless network provides mobility, flexibility and speed fitting the behavior of today's Internet dependent work force. A user can access the network from any location there is a need for information. The solution creates wireless network access for mobile and fixed clients inside buildings as well as between closely located buildings on a campus The D-LINK Enterprise solutions provide a different solutions depending on building structure and configuration.

Remote Networking
In todays world, the importance of connecting remote sites to a central network or central database is an essential issue in your information technology requirement. Zinanet has an experienced staff that can help you plan and tailor your needs. Both equipment & supporting systems to get your remote site very new to you. We have so many kinds of solutions making use of the available technologies fast data exchange and remote data access.
  • Small and Mid Size Access Servers
  • Frame Relay and ISDN Networks
  • Database Access.
Small and Mid Size Access Servers.
We provide solutions for connecting remote sites through a central device like multimodems, multirouters, access servers, ...

Frame Relay and ISDN Networks.
A fast media for data & voice exchange between remote sites starting from 46K channel up to 2MBps band width.

Database Access
Distributed databases is common, sizes of data base is getting larger & larger, collecting from different sites of your company is getting difficult. Make their work on line from the central server All what you need is to contact Zinanet and we will help you choosing the right database engine and network components that makes your remote sites work as if thy are in your local area network and get use of all the facilities available in your network. Lucent technologies happen to be our favorite partner for remote access solutions and we are proud to implement their technologies under the supervision of our lucent certified engineers.

Switching Systems
From server switching to core switching, we have the solution for you. We guarantee you the flow of data that saves you the outflow of cash. Extreme networks being a global leader in this field, became our choice of product that led us to gain customers satisfaction

Networking Products
Zinanet is dealing with a selective brands over the world, we have chose them carefully from the most known manufacturers.

Contact us, we will tell you more and help you choosing the right one for your case.