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ZINANET Communications & Computer Company was founded on October 2000, to introduce a new standard of excellence in computing and data communication. We started with the aim of providing internet services and developing fully integrated IT solutions for corporate. During the past years the company has proved to be highly reliable and trustworthy. We do our very best to offer our customer the very best.

Our Location

Our Company ZinaNet is headquartered in Khartoum One. Customer service, marketing department, and technical department are within the same buildings. The software development department is located in Almogran. Our servers are housed in Khartoum North.

Our Team

ZinaNet Strength has always been PEOPLE, with their knowledge, experience, and attitude. Our staff members are selected with extra care to present the highest standards of performance.

Our highly qualified team will have the pleasure to fulfill all your demands in the most sufficient, cost-effective way with extensive customer support.

Our mission is not only to satisfy your needs but is to exceed your expectations.  

Our Clients

ZinaNet clients belong to different categories: government, companies, banks, international organizations and individuals.

 Each of our clients is most valued, and is served with utmost care and consideration.

Our Services

ZinaNet provides fully integrated IT solutions for corporate. Deploying the latest technologies developed by the most well known vendors; employing well-trained, highly experienced staff; we deliver complete IT solutions of quality and performance.

Our services covers a wide range of computing domains: Internet services, Web hosting, networking solutions, hardware and peripherals, software development, and consultancy.

Internet Services

ZinaNet is a well-established ISP in Sudan. We give our customers the choice between various types of connection to choose what is most suitable to fulfill their needs. They have the choice between: analogue, ISDN, Frame Relay, or receiving satellite system. 


Domains & Web Hosting

ZinaNet provides multiple web hosting solutions that suite most application. Designing our Web hosting packages we took into consideration the ever changing requirements of corporate.

Hardware & Peripherals

ZinaNet is the only reseller in Sudan Tulip computers. We deliver both low and high-end computer solutions with valuable support and three years on-site warranty.

We are also the only reseller for Kyocera Mita Corporation we offer the lowest cost /page laser printing solutions.

As for fast/modems, ISDN, PC-CARDS and Internet, knows how to fulfill the wishes of todays data communication for their customers. ZinaNet being the only reseller for Conception in Sudan.

Software Development

ZinaNet provides full software solutions covering all IT needs. This includes: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Web-base system, e-commerce & B2B solutions, large-scale databases, Web Designing and security solutions.

Networking Solutions

ZinaNet provides full solutions for both local and wide area networks. We tailor your needs with the best technologies available on the market in order to meet your corporate needs and guarantee both cost effectiveness and quality performance satisfaction.

We Deploy the products of Lucent Technologies the well recognized worldwide leader in communications and networking, Extreme Networks the leading provider of network switches, Cache Flow the builder and seller of content-smart networking appliances and services, Superior Modular interconnection devices for voice, data and video applications, and Orinoco products for wireless solutions.