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Email Access


To Configure Email Access:


Open Outlook Express, from the Tools menu > choose “Accounts”.



Type in your email address and press next.





From the E-mail server Names choose > My incoming mail server choose  POP3.

For the Incoming mail type your email server name ex. Mail.zinanet.net.

For Outgoing (SMTP) server type the server name ex. Mail.zinanet.net.

Press next



In the internet Mail Logon, type your username and password assigned by your email service provider.

Press Next.



The new email account setup will appear in the “Internet Accounts” screen.

If you want to add or modify the setup information click properties.



If you want to leave a copy of your emails in the server, keeping in mind that outlook express automatically will download them   from the server and empty the mailbox.

Choose Advance and check “Leave a copy of message on server”.

Then choose apply and Ok.



To start downloading your emails, inside the Outlook Express click “Send/Recv”. A screen will appear to show you the status of the email download.